February 1, 2023

Cell Biolabs Edta Solution Sds

Lab Reagents

Cell Biolabs Laboratories manufactures the cell biolabs edta solution sds reagents distributed by Genprice. The Cell Biolabs Edta Solution Sds reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Cell BioLabs. Other Cell products are available in stock. Specificity: Cell Category: Biolabs Group: Edta Solution

Edta Solution information

SDS-PAGE Stacking Gel Casting Solution

P9051-050 500ml
EUR 134.4

Finegel SDS-PAGE Running Gel Solution(10%)

F1500-100 2x500ml
EUR 225.6

Finegel SDS-PAGE Running Gel Solution(8%)

F1501-100 2X500ml
EUR 225.6

Finegel SDS-PAGE Running Gel Solution(12.5%)

F1502-100 2X500ml
EUR 225.6

Finegel SDS-PAGE Running Gel Solution(15%)

F1503-100 2X500ml
EUR 225.6

SDS-Blue™ - Coomassie based solution for protein staining in SDS-PAGE

  • EUR 144.00
  • EUR 96.00
  • 1L
  • 500mL
Description: SDS-Blue™ is an innovative patented formula, based on Coomassie blue, that comes in a convenient ready to use format for staining proteins in SDS-PAGE (sodium dodecyl sulphate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). The formulation of SDS-Blue™ provides numerous advantages compared to the classic Coomassie staining or to other similar protein stains. SDS-Blue™ provides higher sensitivity, virtually no background and eliminates the need for destaining of the gel due to its high specificity and affinity to bind to protein only. Not only does SDS-Blue™ yield clear and sharp bands, but it also contains no methanol and acetic acid, making it non-hazardous, safe to handle and friendly to the environment when disposed of. Two other advantages that make SDS-Blue™ the better option is that it is not light sensitive and can be stored at ambient temperature for 24 months. And this provides a considerable convenience, especially to laboratories that need and keep big amount of protein staining solutions – no more jammed refrigerators, you can keep SDS-Blue™ wherever it is most convenient for You!

TBE buffer (Tris-Borate-EDTA), 10x Solution

A0026 4L
EUR 112.72

TBE buffer (Tris-Borate-EDTA), 5x Solution

A00265 4L
EUR 95.33

Tris-EDTA HIER Solution (10x) pH 9.0

TES500 500 ml
EUR 127.2

Tris-EDTA HIER Solution (10x) pH 9.0

TES999 1000 ml
EUR 159.6

Volumetric Sol EDTA Solution 0.05M acc CP

CP70051 1L
EUR 45.6

dAbs scaffold protein anti-Human B5R

SDS-L073 1 mg
EUR 5395.2
Description: Scaffold protein

Antigen Retrieval Solution, EDTA pH 8.0 (50 ml, 100X)

ARS8-50 5 L
EUR 343.2

EDTA solution pH 8.0 (0.5 M) (Molecular Biology Grade)

CE141 500 ml
EUR 87.6


SB0485 100g
EUR 80.88

Finegel SDS-PAGE Running Gel Solution(10%), +500ml Finegel Buffer

F1500-000 500ml
EUR 225.6

Finegel SDS-PAGE Running Gel Solution(8%) + 500ml Finegel Buffer

F1501-000 500ml
EUR 225.6